It’s Time To Start Planting

Wow! Thanks to your huge response, we are all out of seeds. The promotion has ended. Thank you to everyone who ordered. Our worker bees are busy sending them out, so keep an eye out for yours in the next several weeks.
Missed the promotion? You can still help bees. Visit to order a seed mix that’s perfect for your area.

Get Inspired To Plant Wildflowers

There are so many reasons to plant wildflowers. We asked people all over the country what inspired them to plant flowers – here are some of their responses.

`I love to garden, and would like to increase the bee and pollinator population in my yard and the surrounding area. I am aware of the severe problems pertaining to the bee population and I want to do anything I can to help.' - Emily M., Inwood, WV

`The beauty they provide. The bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds that visit when flowers are blooming. Love it.' - Chris B., Millville, CA

`Wildflowers are beautiful. I live in the city so I'm never able to see them. This is a perfect way so see them and help out bees.' - Kristine M., Fresno, CA

`Bees are essential to a healthy, productive planet. Without the bees, we are in major trouble. I support the bees and the butterflies who make our world a richer, more beautiful place. Bee-sides, bees are amazing creatures that deserve our respect.' - Julie D., Scottsdale, AZ

`Flowers are my jam. I just love them.' - Julia W., Sandy, UT

`We live on 40 acres of natural Kansas prairie. We don't spring burn so the wildflowers are abundant. I am very concerned about the future of the bee population and would like to have the seeds to do my part to help- thanks' - Beth M., Auburn, KS

`My son loves to plant wild flowers every year because like he says " you know you gotta save the bees!"' - Kelly P., Baltimore, MD

`I teach kinder, and I'd like to bring them to school to teach the kids about bees.' - Bianca V., Culver City, CA