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Cascadian Farm will donate to either wildflower habitat (Xerces society) or bee research (University of Minnesota Bee Lab) when a code is redeemed online. Enter your unique code below to choose where your donation goes.

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For every code entered online by December 31, 2018 we will donate 25 cents to your choice of either Xerces society or University of Minnesota Bee Lab. Maximum total donation 1,000,000 based on online code entry and other consumer actions.

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Plant Wildflowers

The Xerces Society will use these donations to increase bee habitat by planting native wildflowers across the country.

Support Research

The University of Minnesota Bee Lab will use these proceeds to conduct cutting-edge research promoting the health of bees and other pollinators.

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Thanks to your generosity, we’re getting closer to reversing Colony Losses by helping bees. Looking to help even more? From your landscaping choices to the foods you eat, there are many simple ways you can help pollinators in your everyday life. Find out ways you can get involved and make a difference.

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